Saturday, October 13, 2007


So, I'm planning on doing a bunch of cooking/baking today and was at the grocery store stocking up on everything I would need. While I was wondering around the bread aisle I saw my absolute fav bad for you frozen food ever (frozen chicken fingers, fries and such are at the end of the bread aisle ... why you ask? Not a damn clue) ... State Fair Corn Dogs. I haven't had these things since my sophomore year of college (the only year I went grocery shopping for myself). Semi off topic ... the reason I made my Mom drive into the Boston to visit me with groceries after that is because the closest grocery store was about a good 10-15 min walk from my apt. My ex and I used to go grocery shopping and walk the shopping cart home because I wasn't going to pay $7 for a cab ride home and well, we could. BUT after that year they built a new store and along with the new store came the shopping carts that would lock when you went past the line around the store. Apparently I wasn't the only one walking my shopping cart home. I wasn't going to walk $200 worth of groceries home and the cab ride was still more than I wanted to pay. I tried peapod a few times, but they didn't have everything I wanted and so it was Mom to the rescue. Eventually I forgot about my beloved corn dogs, until today when they stopped me dead in my tracks and screamed to my shopping cart to take me home with them. Anyway, I bought some and they're still as horribly good as I remember them being.


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