Saturday, October 13, 2007


So I haven't been cooking much. Last week I was really busy and this week I was really tired after Vegas ... waking up at 4:30am twice in one week (back to back days to be exact) and getting most of my sleep on planes wiped me out.

Earlier this week I made cheesy mac n' eggs, but it wasn't until I was half was done cooking that I realized the last of my big bag of cheddar cheese had gone bad and I was stuck using some mexican blend. Now, I probably could have made it work if I could have gone all out with the mexican theme, but when you're in dire need of grocery shopping some things just aren't possible. Oh and did I mention that I nicely sliced my finger while trying to open the bag of mexican cheese? Yet another reason why I wasn't in the mood to repair dinner. I was stuck holding a paper towel on my finger the whole time I cooked and it wasn't until well after we ate that it finally stopped.

To make up for my dinner disaster i decided to make Hershey's Chocolate cake...


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