Monday, July 2, 2007

Jello Shots!!!

Who doesn't love Jello shots? I know I adore them. I need to get the pic of the penis jello shots from my bach party from Carol so this will have a cool pic to go with it hehe

1 cup hot water
1 cup liquor of your choice
mix water and jello mix then add the liquor
Pour into any mold, cup or tray (dixie cups or penis molds are my personal favorites)
Put them in the fridge and eat them when they have become Jello.

I usually use vodka for my alcohol of choice and usually the Jello is blue, green or red, but there are some other fun flavor combos that I think I need to try.

Blue Jello - Raspberry Vodka
Lime Jello - Tequila
Pineapple Jello (I didn't even know this existed) - Malibu
Watermelon Jello - Madroi


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