Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mozarella Cheese

Stolen from Mel's Diner

So, these are the ingredients for your own mozzarella cheese: A gallon of whole milk, ¼ rennet tablet and a teaspoon and a half of citric acid:

You heat the milk to 50 degrees or so and add the citric acid mixed in a half of a cup of clean water. Bring the milk mixture to ninety degrees and add in the rennet dissolved in a quarter cup more of water. Bring this whole, curdy mix to one 105 degrees and shut off the heat:

Spoon the curds from the whey into a two quart, microwaveable pot. Pour off as much whey as possible and microwave for one minute. Kneed the cheese and pull it like taffy. Microwave for another 35 seconds, kneed the cheese. Repeat. After the third time in the microwave, it should pull like taffy and be shiny. If not, microwave again. It will look like this:

Form into balls quickly and drop into ice water for a half of an hour to cool the cheese. There, you have mozzarella cheese.


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