Saturday, September 29, 2007

What to buy next?

So, I've been wondering around cooking blogs tonight because Greg passed out after our midnight walk/tug of war with Puddles and of course, they had to lead me to a new place to buy more pans that, while I don't need, I really really really want to have and I may just need to get them before they're discontinued (I'm just going to pretend that the cupcake pan doesn't say "New!" )

I've been eyeing this cupcake pan since it came out (yes, I buy the Wilton yearbooks and drool over all the new things to buy). I don't think there's any way out of it, I'm getting this pan, it's just a matter of when and my crystal ball says soon!

Now this, I can safely say I have never seen before, but I NEED this pan. I love brownies, but there is nothing better than the edge pieces, specifically the corner ones (these corner ones have 3 count them 3 corners ... I'm in heaven). I don't think I can live without this pan now that I know it exist. It has moved itself right up to number 1 on my list of things to buy.

Update: The place that makes them has recipes too and apparently they're pretty popular because they're not even offering different shipping options in an effort to get orders out ASAP

Does it make sense to anyone else that I should buy both pans and save on shipping? Makes perfect sense to me ... I'll sleep on it and buy them tomorrow :P


Iheartcooking! said...

I LOVE that cupcake pan. Hmmm... my xmas list is getting longer and longer. Its ALL your fault! ;)

Alanna said...

That is freaking AWESOME! Why didn't anyone think of it sooner? Too cool....

zebe912 said...

I might be needing both of those as well. The cupcake pan seems a bit tedious though if you have to bake just one at a time.

But the brownie pan. Yeah, I"m getting that for Christmas!!

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